The Dark

  A reverse image challenge. Google Now Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases and Connects Them to Its Online Profile of You. How to Opt Out of Twitter’s New Privacy Settings. Towards Openness: Safety in Open Online Learning? Can we engage in counter-surveillance? Privacy Badger – ad blocker. AdNauseum – payback! Virtual Private Networks such as […]

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Challenge So, we learned a bit about Twitter, but next is the challenge(s). do you have a Twitter account – if not, get one.  You may not post much initially, but follow a number of colleagues and feeds that are relevant to your work consider exploring Twitter as a Personal Learning Network.  A good starting […]

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Twitter basics

Twitter Basics This session covers the micro-blogging too, Twitter.  Individuals can choose to have private accounts but the vast majority of Twitter accounts are not private.   Twitter lingo: Followers vs. Following: In Twitter, “Following” someone simply means that their posts then are fed into your twitter feed.  When you follow someone (or they follow […]

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