The Dark

  A reverse image challenge. The city getting rich from fake news. How Companies Turn Your Facebook Activity Into a Credit Score. Google Now Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases and Connects Them to Its Online Profile of You. John Hancock Insurance—whose patriotic namesake might be disappointed that the company is now a wholly owned subsidiary […]

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Challenge So, we learned a bit about Twitter, but next is the challenge(s). do you have a Twitter account – if not, get one.  You may not post much initially, but follow a number of colleagues and feeds that are relevant to your work consider exploring Twitter as a Personal Learning Network.  A good starting […]

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Twitter basics

Twitter Basics This session covers the micro-blogging too, Twitter.  Individuals can choose to have private accounts but the vast majority of Twitter accounts are not private.   Twitter lingo: Followers vs. Following: In Twitter, “Following” someone simply means that their posts then are fed into your twitter feed.  When you follow someone (or they follow […]

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